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Frequently asked questions

• How can the balloon ascend?
Hot air rises, it's as simple as that. A large burner ensures that during the flight the air inside the balloon is hotter than the air outside the balloon. The pilot determines the height and the degree of decrease by influencing the temperature within the balloon by means of heating and cooling.

• How do you steer a balloon?
Balloons can’t be steered! But hot air flows vary at different heights and a pilot can make use of it by flying at different heights.

• How far do we go?
This depends on the wind speed. The average speed of a balloon varies between 10 and 20 miles per hour.

• Where can I travel in a hot-air balloon?
We have a lot of launch sites. Please contact us if you would like to have more information.

• When can I fly with a balloon?
Balloon flights take place all year. In the morning just after sunrise, and in the evening two hours before sunset.

• From what age is ballooning allowed?
Children can join if they are tall enough to look over the basket. On average, the edge of a basket 3,30 ft. high.

• How many people can be in in the basket?
You can book a balloon flight starting with one person. The maximum number of people is unlimited because we can use multiple balloons. So we can also provide balloons for family trips, corporate parties and other large groups.

• How do I know the flight is cancelled?
You can contact us on the day of the flight and you will be informed about the current weather conditions and whether they are suitable for a balloon flight. You will also hear the exact launch spot and the time we start. If the flight cannot take place, we make a new appointment. Your ticket does not expire.

• I suffer from vertigo, what now?
In a hot-air balloon it is guaranteed you will not suffer from vertigo because there is no contact with the ground. Even for people who normally would not dare to climb a ladder, ballooning is no problem at all.

• Is it cold high up in the air?
No, it is even less cold than on the ground because you fly with the same speed as the wind so you won’t feel the wind. Moreover, the balloon above you is very hot and that gives a pleasant temperature in the basket.

• Can I order a balloon flight as a gift?
Yes. You can also order a voucher if you find it too expensive to give away a full ticket.

• Can I rent a private balloon for special occasions?
Yes, of course that is possible at one of our regular launch sites. You can always have a private hot air balloon flight or VIP flight directly from your own field as well. But it is important that this field has a minimum of 150 by 150 feet.


• What clothes should I wear?
We recommend to wear casual or even sports clothes and comfortable shoes. We prefer shoes that you would wear if you are going to do a work-out. High heels are prohibited.

• Can I take photos or film during the flight?
Sure, you can capture this beautiful experience on camera. We appreciate it if you send us some nice pictures. And of course you can also post these pictures at your social media.

• How do we get back to the starting spot?
The balloon is followed by the trailer. Any relatives or friends who want to drive behind the trailer are present at the landing spot too. With them you can drive home. If this is not the case, the trailer goes back to the starting spot.

Across the flight itself

• How long do we stay in the air?
A balloon flight lasts 1 hour at least. Then the pilot will pick a landing spot. Depending on how quickly he has found this spot he brings the balloon safely towards the ground.

• How long will all together?
The total program lasts about 3 to 4 hours. You will come to the start spot. This location is the location where the balloon will take off. There can anyone help Preparing the balloon while pictures and videos can be taken. Then, the take-off followed by a flight during about an hour. After the landing there is a traditional champagne christening.


• Is ballooning safe?
We have the most experienced balloonists and excellent equipment. The balloons are inspected annually, when there is looked at all the necessary security. In addition, we are always aware of the latest meteorological data. So balloon flight is completely safe in the hands of Balloonflightspecialist.

• Am I insured?
Yes, all passengers are insured by the balloonist.

• When is the weather suitable for a balloon flight?
The maximum wind has to be 3 beaufort or 10 knots. Also, the sight must be good and the wind above may not be too strong. In rain, storm or thunderstorm it’s not safe to fly. The pilot makes the decision to fly on the day of the flight. When a flight is cancelled due to weather conditions, it is always for your own safety.

• Am I allowed to smoke?
No, smoking is prohibited for safety reasons before and during the flight.
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