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It is possible to order a gift card at Balloonflightspecialist. This is what you get:
- Quick delivery
- Confirmation by e-mail
- The receiver can choose a prefered date and place.
- Valid for at least one year.
- The gift card is transmissible.

Type giftcard
Name: *
E-mail: *
Value of: *
   X $

The voucher can be exchanged for the desired
number of tickets or amount. The flight will take
place on a chosen date and from a location of your choice.

The gift card will be sent immediately, and at
the first possible day delivered.
Text to be written on
the giftcard /
Max 50 char

Why choose us?

   Professional staff,
   No overcrowded basket,
   Clear pricing structure,
   Personal contact,
   A nice balloon flight

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