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Hot air balloon flight from Haast

Have you ever seen a hot air balloon and thought: 'I would also really like to fly in a hot air balloon'?
We can make that happen, because we offer balloon flights from Haast. Our staff will try to make your balloon flight an unforgettable experience.

Hot air ballooning Haast

A hot air balloon flight is a unique experience. It will be even more special if you can start in Haast or near Haast. Quietly floating through the sky, you have a fantastic view over the countryside or Haast. A trip with a hot air balloon is the ultimate way to let your dreams come true, especially because we offer flights near Haast. You will see the surroundings from a different point of view and look down on everything while the balloon will move on the wind. That is why an hot air balloon flight is something that you must have done once in your life.

Contact us about your flight in Haast

We offer balloon flights in and near Haast. For more information about balloon flights in Haast, please contact us. You can also order your tickets directly.

Haast is a place in the municipality Vlist. Among the congregation Vlist are also the places Het Beijersche, Beneden-Haastrecht, Benedenheul, Benedenkerk, Bonrepas, Boven-Haastrecht, Bovenkerk, Goudseweg, Haastrecht, Koolwijk, Rozendaal, Schoonouwen, Stein, Stolwijk.

Besides Haast you can also take off from your hometown or favorite city. Here are soms places where we can offer you a balloon flight.
Hakataramea , Hawea , Hope , Inangahua Junction , Kaingaroa , Karetu , Kinloch , Leeston , Lyttelton , Manurewa

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Why choose us?

   Professional staff,
   No overcrowded basket,
   Clear pricing structure,
   Personal contact,
   A nice balloon flight

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